We Believe in Value Creation


We collaborate with leaders in Fin-tech Companies, Financial Institutions, Innovative Companies and Investors to modernize, improve, simplify and decrease the charges of digital banking.

Through technology used to support or enable banking and financial services, we make superior business decisions that create the essential business intelligence to make digital banking more accessible.

Clean Energy

Our aim is to provide through facilitation, energy solutions through renewable resources such as solar, hydropower, wind, natural gas and thermal energy powering cities to become 100% energy efficient and carbon neutral.

As the rising costs of electricity also impacts on the increase of water costs, we aim to improve the water chain supply by powering desalination through renewable energy.


e-Health : Through innovation and technical solutions (e.g. Artifical Intelligence) we intend, along with our collaborative patners, to provide more effective solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of health-care. Our goal through public and private partnership is to build hightech e-health centres in India and Africa with our partners in Norway.

Mobile solutions : we are currently exploring mobile programming and communications systems with the aim of designing and developing a smart phone with our expert partners.


Working in collaborations and partnerships our aim is to create new technology and innovative solutions to improve on sustainable agricultural production.

We promote digital farming with the aim of creating an ecosystem of services and benefits for sustainable food production with emphasis on the value of the Agri-food chain. Using deep learning algorythmic programs we intend to enhance the Agri-food sector.

Digital Telecommunications

Together with our strategic partners, we are exploring a wireless network with the integration of Artifical Inteligence to make broadband services affordable and secure with fast connectivity.

We shall focus on inadequately serviced regions to enhance services to customers.


We collaborate with engineers and innovative partners turning waste into energy by establishing technology driven recycling plants. Through technology, an energy retrieval procedure is used to convert waste, which includes plastic products, to energy.

With our expert partners we shall convert used material and chemicals from waste to energy in order to avoid chemicals being neglected in landfill sites.